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The T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division's purpose is to further the hobby of operating and collecting toy trains through the sharing of knowledge and fun with our fellow members

There were lots of table bargains at the recent SW meet in Arcadia, CA.Our club promotes the hobby through multiple programs including organizing and holding monthly train meets at the Masonic Temple in Arcadia, Ca. At these meets, toy trains are traded by the membership, there is an auction held, there are operating layouts and train displays, there is also a train repair clinic. Any persons seeking out information or help with toy train layout design/setup, toy train restoration or advice can meet SW members who can help. There are also sellers who can assist with toy train parts needs. The camaraderie of other operators/collectors is something special that is enjoyed at these train meets.

The T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division also sponsors the annual Cal-Stewart train meet held each November. This is the largest train meet organized on the west coast of the United States, with over 300 tables of toy trains and accessories in all gauges and manufacturers, and from all eras. T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division members have developed and constructed a large portable operating train layout which is displayed at various locations throughout Southern California during the year, as well as at our monthly train meets in Arcadia. We also hold an annual picnic for the membership and their families, each August at the Los Angeles Live Steamers (LALS) in Griffith Park. 

T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division was founded in 1966. The T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division was incorporated in 1985.

Southwestern keeps its members up to date with a bi-monthly newsletter containing articles, photos, details of upcoming events, minutes from the board of directors meetings and special buying opportunities.

Exploring the T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division web site

The Activities Page is where the dates, times and location of our monthly train meet can be found. There is a meet schedule, a list of activities and fees. There is also a Young child gets a birds eye view of the club layout at recent meet.printable map image designating the location of the Arcadia Masonic Hall location.

The Membership Page is for those who are interested in joining the division. There are printable application forms and a discussion about the benefits of membership in T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division.

Our Products Page will introduce you to a variety of unique and highly collectible souvenir cars offered by our division over the last several years. These cars are in limited supply and can only be obtained through the T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division.

The Photo Gallery Page is a navigable photo montage displaying some memorable moments from past T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division train meets, Picnics and Cal-Stewart meets.

The Newsletter Archives section contains on-line copies of previous editions of the T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division 'Limiteds'. You must have Adobe Acrobat viewer to be able to see the newsletters.

The Cal-Stewart Page provides information about the largest club-sponsored train show held on the west coast. Don't miss registering for this exciting three-day event held each November

On the Contact Us Page you will find a list of our current members of the T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division Board of Directors and the Southwestern hot-line telephone number. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.

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